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    Darrion s Pic

    DOB 11-21-2000

    Darrion is in the 6th grade and on the honor roll. He is an excellent student and is loved by his teachers. Darrion has a working knowledge of sign language and is proud of this skill. Darrion enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, playing basketball, and watching movies. He likes to be active and involved in community activities and interacts wonderfully in social settings. Darrion has many friends and has positive realtionships with adults. Darrion is a respectful and cooperative young man who is in need of a family who will commit to his future. He needs a family who will guide him through his teen years and into adulthood. Darrion deserves a family who will commit to him unconditionally for the rest of his life.

    For more information about Darrion, or any other child available for adoption, please contact Kelly Walsh at (937) 276-1710 or email: walsk@odjfs.state.oh.us

    Montgomery County Children Services
    3304 N. Main Street
    Dayton, OH 45405

    (937) 224-KIDS