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    DOB 6-21-97

    Dante is a healthy 13 year old with many interests. He especially likes sports of all kinds. He has played baseball, football and soccer. His favorite athletic team is the New England Patriots professional football team. Favorite athletes include Tom Brady and Rodney Harrison who play for the Patriots. In addition to this, Dante loves to play video games on his Play Station 2 console. He likes sports and racing games the best. Dante loves electronics and is happy to help you program your phone, load music on your MP3 player or show you how to use your other electronical devices.

    Dante is a good student bringing home lots of A's and B's on his report card. Gym is his favorite class at school, but he is good at math, too. Dante likes to eat good food and his favorites include lasagna and hicken wings. Dante reports that he has four friends in his school class, but he prefers being around older, more mature kids when the situation permits. Dante likes his friends to be trustful. He reports that most of his friends are into video games, sports and Pokemon cards. Dante is not sure about the idea of being adopted. Dante needs a family that can provide him with structure, lots of individual attention and love.

    For more information about Dante, or other children needing adoptive families, call Joe Atkinson at (937) 276-6641 or email at atkinj@odjfs.state.oh.us 

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