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    DOB 1-21-98

    Born January 21, 1998, this handsome young man is over 6 feet tall. In addition to being an excellent basketball player, Christopher is an avid chess player. Christopher also has excellent listening skills and at first, appears to be very quiet. However, once trust is built, his conversations are engaging. Like most teeangers, he also enjoys all types of video games, especially football and basketball. Christopher has adjusted very well to his foster placement and spends a lot of time with his foster parent who involves Christopher in all aspects of household chores and cooking. Christopher is always willing and eager to learn new things. Christopher is doing well in his 8th grade class and is working developing peer relationships. What Christopher wants now is an understanding and caring adoptive family to call his own. He would benefit from a family who can be active in shooprting his progress in school, can provide unconditional love, and be supportive of his teenage years.

    For more information about Christopher, or other children needing adoptive families, call Kelly Walsh at (937) 276-1710 or email: walshk@odjfs.state.oh.us.

    Montgomery County Children Services
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