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    DOB 4-17-98

    Caitlin has adjusted well to her placement but continues to need a permanent family. Caitlin enjoys jumping on the trampoline in her back yard and playing with shoes that have long laces. She is fascinated by movement and likes toys that are simple but can be easily manipulated to cause movement. She is a very loving child often giving hugs to her care giver. She responds well to verbal instructions from her present foster mom.

    Caitlin likes likes structure and routine in her life. Her care giver has found that having breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time every day is a comforting to Caitlin. She is very predictable when a steady routine is established.

    Caitlin has severe developmental delays and functions at the 18 to 24 month stage developmentally. She has no discernible speech and she is not potty trained. Caitlin will require patience, structure, consistency and unconditional love with a caring adoptive family.

    For more information about Caitlin, or other children needing adoptive families, call Joe Atkinson at (937) 276-6641

    Montgomery County Children Services
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