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    Child Abuse & Neglect

    When stress builds, kids get hurt. Most child abuse is committed by parents or care givers who are unable to cope with parenting and take their frustrations out on the child.

    While abuse is described as an act of commission, neglect is an act of omission. Neglect (physical, emotional and educational) is the failure to provide basic needs for adequate growth and development.

    If you suspect a child is being hurt, your best option is to call a child abuse hotline or the police. In Montgomery County, Ohio call Children Services at (937) 224-KIDS(5437). When a report is filed, experts investigate to decide if abuse is occuring. If neglect or abuse is proven, services such as counseling and parental support, are offered. You have immunity from civil or criminal liability if you are reporting abuse in the honest belief that a child is in danger of being abused.