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    Building Inspectors

    Don Hutchison
    Office Phone: 496-7978
    Cell Phone: 470-9019
       Miami Twp, Washington Twp
    Building/Electrical Inspectors   Territories
    Gale Fore
    Office Phone: 225-4071
    Cell Phone: 470-9015

    Butler Twp, Clay Twp, City of Clayton, Harrison Twp, Village of Phillipsburg, City of Union


    Tim Harris
    Office Phone: 496-3291
    Cell Phone: 4770571


    Washington Twp
    Electric inspections only for: Miami and Washington Twp


    Ed Lemaster
    Office Phone: 225-5039
    Cell Phone: 470-9013


    City of Huber Heights, Building and Electric

    Neal Barkalow
    Office Phone: 225-4637
    Cell Phone: 470-9016

    Village of Farmersville, German Twp, Jackson Twp, Jefferson Twp, Village of New Lebanon, Perry Twp, City of Trotwood.


    Danny Joseph
    Office Phone 496-7011
    Cell Phone: 231-5428

      City of Riverside, Building and Electric


    Other Phone Numbers    
    Maury Wyckoff,
    Office Phone: 225-4586
       Main Office  225-4622
    Robert Martin
    Inspection Supervisor

    Office Phone: 225-4650
    Cell Phone: 825-6711

    James Tunison   
    Commercial Plans Examiner
    Office Phone: 225-4635


    Joe Mangan
    Satellite Office Inspection Coordinator and Residential Plans Examiner
    South Office; Monday, Wednesday, Friday 438-2767
    Downtown Office; Tuesdays and Wednesdays
    Cell Phone: 470-9018




    Building Regulations: New rules and standards adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards.
    Changes are coming in the Ohio Building Codes.  New rules and standards have been adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards, and will take effect November 1, 2011.   Read More...
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    Roofing Issues Policy