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    Building Regulations

    About the Building Regulations Division

    The 2013 Residential Code of Ohio went into effect on January 1, 2013 for all projects for one, two and three residences and there accessory structures. There are a limited number of 2013 code books for sale at our offices.

    Montgomery County Building Regulations is certified by the State of Ohio to enforce building codes at a local level.  We enforce building and electrical codes, flood damage prevention codes, and special airport zoning.   

    We do not enforce codes governing general zoning, water supply or sanitary plumbing, existing building maintenance, daycare licensing, curb cut approval, elevator construction (other than the shaft), or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

    Main Office
    451 West Third Street
    Dayton, Ohio 45422-1070
    Phone: (937) 225-4622
    Fax: (937) 225-6327
    E-mail: build@mcohio.org
    South Satellite Office
    M,W,& F 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM
    8190 McEwen Rd
    Dayton, Ohio 45458
    Washington Township






    For 12 years, Montgomery County has enjoyed a wonderful partnership with Washington Township, sharing space in the Township Government Center to operate a Satellite Building Regulations Office.  Washington Township has also provided financial support for our outreach efforts.  However, in order for Montgomery County Building Regulations to maintain an economically viable presence at the Washington Township Government Center, beginning January 1, 2012, Montgomery County will assess a customer convenience fee for permits applied for at our Satellite Office for work in areas other than Washington Township.

    For work within Washington Township, there will be no convenience fee charged.

    For applications for all permits for work that is not in Washington Township, a $10 customer convenience fee will be added to the currently assessed fees.  While these fees will be assessed for each new permit, they will not be assessed more than one time for each permit.  For example, the convenience fee will be assessed as part of the up-front fee paid at the time of application for a permit, but no additional fee will be charged when the permit is picked up, even if there is a balance due.

    Each permit application will have a convenience fee added, so if a Building permit and a Mechanical permit are applied for, each will be assessed the convenience fee.

    Convenience fees will not be charged for transactions that don’t involve the payment of fees, nor will they be charged for supplemental fees paid, such as plan change or reinspection fees. 

    Any questions may be directed to Maury Wyckoff, Chief Building Official, at 937-225-4586.

    Ohio Architects, Engineers Sign Historic Incidental Practice Agreement - Monday, December 19, 2011
    The Ohio Architects Board and the State of Ohio Professional Engineers and Surveyors Board have agreed upon and adopted the following resolution covering rules of procedure in connection with the interpretation and enforcement of the Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 4703, governing the practice of Architecture; and Ohio Revised Code and the Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 4733, governing the practice of Engineering in the State of Ohio. 

    The resolution reads as follows: "No Registered Engineer shall undertake a project which is primarily architectural and no Registered Architect shall undertake a project which is primarily engineering; however, no provision of the laws and rules referred to above shall be so construed as to prevent any Registered Architect from doing such engineering work, for which he/she is qualified, as may be incidental and necessary to the completion of any architectural work lawfully undertaken by such Architect; nor so construed as to prevent any Registered Engineer from doing such architectural work, for which he/she is qualified, as may be incidental and necessary to the completion of any engineering work lawfully undertaken by such Engineer, as defined in the rules and laws listed above. 

    The two Boards must be guided and controlled by the definitions contained in their respective registration laws but may use discretion in interpreting them. If engineering or architectural work is performed by persons who are not full-time employees of the Registered Engineer or Registered Architect employed by the client for the project, those persons shall be registered in the profession concerned and the registered person's name shall appear on all documents, plans, etc., prepared by them, when issued for that particular project.”

    Revised Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Policy
    To more closely align our code enforcement efforts with those of other local agencies, we will now accept over-the-counter permit applications for geothermal heat pump systems, similar to our application processing for conventional furnace and air conditioning systems, with no energy analysis or design drawings required.  The responsibility for correct sizing and design of the system will be solely a contractual matter between the property owner and the company they contract with to design and install the system.
    Also, we will limit our inspections to a pressure test of the geothermal system piping, and the installation of the indoor heat pump equipment similar to our inspections of furnaces. 



    Our eConnect software allows you to link directly to our permit database.  You can now search for the Status of all permits issued since 1993. 




    You can check the status of applications, and if they are on hold, why. We also document inspections as to when they are conducted, and whether they have passed or failed.  The Parcel search will let you see all of the permits applied for and issued for a property. Click on one of the buttons to the left to transfer to our eConnect site. 

    To check the Status of a Permit or Application, type in identifying information about the Property or the Applicant.  Note that since the software is looking for exact matches, often less is more in information you type in.  Include the minimum information you think will be necessary to find distinct records, especially since information entered may have been  slightly different than you would.  For instance, our records may or may not have "Inc." after an applicant name.  If you type in the name only, it will return selections with and without the "Inc.", and you can then select from those found.

    The button to Find Permit Info by Parcel or Address will lead you to a similar search form.  Again, try to enter the least amount of information to distinguish the property you are looking for.  You do not need to fill in all of the boxes. You can also enter partial words or addresses to broaden your search.  Read the help notes on that page for other tips for searching our records.


    Building Regulations: New rules and standards adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards.
    Changes are coming in the Ohio Building Codes.  New rules and standards have been adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards, and will take effect November 1, 2011.   Read More...
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