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    Do I Need a Permit?

    You will need a permit if you plan to ...
    bullet erect, construct, enlarge, repair, improve, alter, cover or extend any building or structure  
    bullet move any building or structure
    bullet demolish a structure
    bullet install, alter or repair any electrical wiring or equipment
    bullet install, alter or repair sanitary plumbing, water supply or gas supply system
    bullet install, alter or perform major repairs on any boiler, pressure vessel furnace, steam-situated machinery or heat producing apparatus, including the piping
    bullet erect, remodel, repair, alter or remove any sign
    bullet erect, alter or repair an awning
    bullet install, alter or repair any air-conditioning or refrigeration or apparatus
    bullet install a swimming pool
    You will not need a permit if you plan to ...
    bullet install, alter or repair a garage door in an existing building
    bullet repair or perform general maintenance
    bullet repair or replace a roof on a structure under 200 square feet size
    bullet have telephone communication utilities installed

    Roofing Issues Policy