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    100 W. Spring Valley Rd.
    Centerville, Ohio 45458
    Phone: 433-7151
    Fax: 433-0286

    Home Page: http://www.centervilleohio.gov   

    Department Contact Phone
    Zoning Andrew Rodney, City Planner 433-7151

    Zoning Information
    Zoning Change Request
    Board of Zoning Appeals
    Zoning Certificates

    Floodplains (FEMA) Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151

    Floodplain Information
    100 yr. flood boundary
    Floodplain Appeals Board



    Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151

    Permits to build in floodplain
    Permits to work in floodplain
    Floodplain Appeals Board

    Drainage Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151

    Storm sewer
    Detention/retention ponds

    Curb Cuts Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151
    Fire Department  Craig Rauch  433-3083

    Minimum turn radius for private drives
    Fire hydrant location
    Minimum water line sizes

    Centerville/Greene County Area:
    Sugarcreek Township FD
    Randy Pavlak 937-848-7344

    Centerville/Washington Township Area:
    Washington Township FD

    Craig Rauch (937) 433-3083
    Public Water & Sanitary Sewer - Mont. Co. Environmental Services  

    Water & Sanitary Mainline
    Water & Sanitary Services    
    Utility Locates

    A. Charles Schaffer
    John Donnelly
    Building Permits   428-4786
                 Building Inspection Dept.    
    Electric Permits   428-4786
                 Building Inspection Dept.    
    Heating and Air Conditioning Permits   428-4786
                Building Inspection Dept.    
    Plumbing Permits   428-4786
                 Building Inspection Dept.    
    Street Addresses Mark Yandrick, GIS Analyst 433-7151
    On-Site Sewage Disposal and Wells    


    Ohio EPA
    Public Health 
    Brett Jones
    Paul Fields

    Plats & Lot Splits Andrew Rodney 433-7151

    Building Regulations: New rules and standards adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards.
    Changes are coming in the Ohio Building Codes.  New rules and standards have been adopted by the Ohio Board of Building Standards, and will take effect November 1, 2011.   Read More...
    More News...
    Roofing Issues Policy