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    100 W. Spring Valley Rd.
    Centerville, Ohio 45458
    Phone: 433-7151
    Fax: 433-0286

    Home Page: http://www.centervilleohio.gov   

    Department Contact Phone
    Zoning Andrew Rodney, City Planner 433-7151

    Zoning Information
    Zoning Change Request
    Board of Zoning Appeals
    Zoning Certificates

    Floodplains (FEMA) Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151

    Floodplain Information
    100 yr. flood boundary
    Floodplain Appeals Board



    Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151

    Permits to build in floodplain
    Permits to work in floodplain
    Floodplain Appeals Board

    Drainage Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151

    Storm sewer
    Detention/retention ponds

    Curb Cuts Doug Spitler,City Engineer 433-7151
    Fire Department  Craig Rauch  433-3083

    Minimum turn radius for private drives
    Fire hydrant location
    Minimum water line sizes

    Centerville/Greene County Area:
    Sugarcreek Township FD
    Randy Pavlak 937-848-7344

    Centerville/Washington Township Area:
    Washington Township FD

    Craig Rauch (937) 433-3083
    Public Water & Sanitary Sewer - Mont. Co. Environmental Services  

    Water & Sanitary Mainline
    Water & Sanitary Services    
    Utility Locates

    A. Charles Schaffer
    John Donnelly
    Building Permits   428-4786
                 Building Inspection Dept.    
    Electric Permits   428-4786
                 Building Inspection Dept.    
    Heating and Air Conditioning Permits   428-4786
                Building Inspection Dept.    
    Plumbing Permits   428-4786
                 Building Inspection Dept.    
    Street Addresses Mark Yandrick, GIS Analyst 433-7151
    On-Site Sewage Disposal and Wells    


    Ohio EPA
    Public Health 
    Brett Jones
    Paul Fields

    Plats & Lot Splits Andrew Rodney 433-7151

    Roofing Issues Policy