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    Lost & Found

    What to do if you have lost your dog
    All stray dogs picked up by Animal Care & Control Officers are taken to the our facility, located at 6790 Webster Street, Dayton, Ohio 45414. We also receive many stray dogs turned in by private citizens.

    • If a dog is wearing a current Montgomery County dog license, it will be held at the Shelter for fourteen (14) days.

    By law unlicensed dogs are only held for three (3) days.

    Every attempt is made to reunite the lost dog with its owner. After the waiting period, dogs are evaluated for adoption,released to a reputable rescue group, or euthanized.


    Below is a list of animals that have been found and brought to our shelter. The list is not guaranteed to be complete and therefore should not be used in place of walking through our kennels.

    Found animals are not available for adoption because they are presumed owned. Only those animals listed on the pet adoption pages are adoptable. Any picture that appears on the found pages are animals that are not claimed and may be moved into out adoption program after the legal holding period. Please check pet adoptions daily for updates.

    View Lost Dogs | View Lost Cats

    1. We charge an impound fee of $30 for the first impound, $50 for the second impound and $75 for the third impound during a calendar year.

    2. In addition to impound charges, we also charge $15 a day for boarding. 

    3. If the dog does not have a current license, there will be additional fees. Dogs will not be released without a current license. 


    Tips for Finding a Lost Pet

    Start looking immediately. Don't wait for your pet to find their way home. Don't assume that because he/she ran off before and made it back home safely that your pet will be as lucky this time.

    Come into the Shelter to look. We will do our best to help you over the phone but it is often difficult to say for certain if your pet is here. Descriptions can be vague in terms of color, size, and even breeds. We may have 200 animals receiving shelter and care. Many of these pets may be described as black/brown; medium; shepard mixes. Please come in as soon as possible and visit the Montgomery County Animal Shelter everyday until your pet is found.

    We conduct lost and founds throughout the day, if you would like to accompany our staff member and walk through the kennels to look for your lost pet please visit Monday - Friday 3 PM - 6 PM; Saturday's 2 PM - 4 PM and Sunday's and Holidays 11 AM - 1 PM.  During all other hours a staff member will search the kennels for animals that match the description given. 

    Tell Everyone

    • Mail carrier
    • Neighbors
    • Bus drivers
    • Children
    • Your vet
    • Anyone who regularly is in your neighborhood

    Make Up Flyers

    • Describe your pet in detail
    • Copy a clear photo if available
    • List more than one phone number
    • Post wherever you have permission to do so
      • School bulletin boards
      • Gas station
      • Vet offices
      • Church bulletin boards
      • Distribute at a major shopping complex/grocery in your area. This will provide a greater range of coverage than going door to door.

    Place an ad in the newspaper.

    Dayton Daily News: (937) 223-1515  (may offer special rates)
    Area/Neighborhood papers

    Report to local law enforcement. Not all will accept but many do take a report

    Check with other area agencies:

    Butler County Animal Shelter (513) 867-5727
    Clark County Animal Shelter (937) 399-2917
    Darke County Animal Shelter (937) 547-1645
    Greene County Animal Shelter (937) 562-7400
    Fairborn County Animal Shelter (937) 754-3073
    Humane Society of Greater Dayton (937) 268-7387
    Miami County Animal Shelter  (937) 332-6919
    Preble County Animal Shelter (937) 456-4818
    SICSA  (937) 294-6505
    Warren County Animal Shelter (513) 695-1352
    Pet FBI Database



     Never Assume That Your Pet Was Stolen!

    Unfortunately, there is no shortage of animals in our community. The classifieds are full of "Free To A Good Home" ads placed by owners who need to or want to get rid of their pet. Most people who want a dog have a dog. People are not going to steal someone's pet when there are so many available with no threat of legal recourse.

    No matter how sweet, talented, obedient and/or wonderful your lost pet is most people will attempt to locate the rightful owner. We get calls daily from people wanting to return an obviously loved and owned pet.

    How did your pet get loose?

    Hopefully, your pet will be home again soon.

    • Repair that hole in the fence.
    • Put a lock on the gate.
    • Replace that clothesline with a chain the size and weight appropriate for your dog.
    • Do not use a corkscrew type tie outs

    An ounce of prevention:

    • Do not leave your pet outside when you are not home.
    • Spay or neuter your pet.
    • Train your pet to come when called.
    • Regularly exercise your pet.
    • Train your pet to sit and not dart out your door.
    • Caution your kids and their friends about leaving the doors/gates open.
    • Remember to keep license information updated with current address and phone number.

     What to do if you find a dog 

    1. If you find a dog that is wearing a license tag, call us at 937-898-4457 with the tag number. We will look up the name, address and phone number of the owner for you. It is very possible that the dog's owner lives nearby and the animal can be returned to the owner without Animal Control being involved.
    2. You can also look up the dog's license tag number yourself on the internet to track down the dog's owner visit http://www.mcohio.org//government/auditor/dog_licenses.html
    3. If you cannot locate the dog's owner, you may bring it here to the shelter or call us at 937-898-4457 to come pick it up.

    4. If you find a dog that is not wearing a license tag and you wish to provide a temporary home, call the Animal Resource Center at 937-898-4457. Give the shelter all of the available information on the dog and a Found Report will be posted at the Shelter.

    Bark Park Big Hill - IS OPEN

    As of Saturday May 2, 2015 the big hill of the Bark Park is officially open for the season!  Thank you for you patience while the necessary work was completed on the hill to ensure many more years of fun for our 4-legged freinds!

    5th Annual Bark Park Bake Sale

    Stop by the Bark Park on Saturday June 6, 2015 from 9 AM - 2 PM for our annual bake sale.  We will have raffles, t-shirts, human and dogs goodies and much, much more for everyone to enjoy!  We will see you there!  

    Mingle With Our Mutts

    Please join us the Second Sunday of each month from Noon - 2 PM for Mingle with Our Mutts we will have lots of adoptable dogs and cats looking for new homes.