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    Cat  Information

    Snip - Tip - Chip 

    Is now available through a grant from PetSmart Charities in cooperation with the city of West Carrollton. 

    Cat owners and caregivers that have cats that are allowed to roam outdoors may schedule spay / neuter surgery at the Animal Resource Center. 

    Requirements to participate

    • Pre-registration required
    • Cats must weigh 2 lbs or more
    • Open to residents and cats of West Carrollton ONLY

    Program  benefits

    • Spay / Neuter Surgery
    • Registered Microchip
    • FVRCP Vaccine
    • Surgical Left Ear-Tipping


    • $20 co-pay per cat
    • Discounted flea products & services available   

    For information call or email  ARCClinic@mcohio.org

     Cat Grant Liability Release


      Why does my cat need a visible identification?

    Cats are not protected under Ohio Revise Code unless they are "owned". Visible identification is the easiest way to show that a cat has an owner.

     What do I need to get a cat registration?

    A description of the cat and microchip number (if chipped). There are no other requirements.

     My pet stays inside. Does he/she need a registration?

    Yes. All pets, indoor or outdoor, may become stray through accident or disaster. The identification will help reunite you with your cat.

     How do I get a reduced price cat registration?

    Discounts are available to Senior Citizens aged 55 years or older as well as in conjunction with microchips in the Register 4 Life program.

     Should my cat wear his/her tags?

    Yes. A tag is your cat's ticket home should he/she become lost. Animal Care & Control officers will attempt to return tagged cats home before impounding them at the Animal Resource Center. Also, cats with tags are held for fourteen (14) days instead of the zero (0) to three (3) days for contract cities.

     Where can I get a cat registration tag?

    Tags are available at the Animal Resource Center with the possibility of other locations in the future.

     What happens if my cat's tag is lost or stolen?

    Lost or stolen tags may be replaced for $1.00  at the Animal Resource Center. Also, report lost or stolen tags to the Animal Resource Center at (937) 898-4457.

     I am a member of the military. Does my cat need a registration tag?

    Yes. All cats in Montgomery County will benefit from having a registration tag. This includes those owned by military service members living in base housing.

     Where can I get information on pet laws?

    Copies of Ohio Revised Code are available from the Animal Resource Center. Local laws are available on many local government websites. For a complete list please visit the Montgomery County website at www.mcohio.org

     I am a new cat owner. How long do I have to get a cat registration?

    There is no requirement to obtain a cat registration; however, tags should be purchased immediately upon getting a new cat.

     What can happen if I misrepresent information on this application?

    This application is an official document.  Presenting false evidence or  making a false statement (such as claiming to be a senior citizen to obtain a reduced cost registration) may be violations of  the Ohio Revised Code. Accurate information is essential to reuniting you with your lost cat.


    The registration year runs from July 1 - June 30. New registrations go on sale May 1st.

     Costs per registration

    $  6.00 per year for individual cat registration

    $48.00 for Register 4 Life registration.

    $  4.00 per year Senior Citizens 55 or older

    $18.00 for Register 4 Life registration with microchip.

     Senior Citizens Discount Registrations

    If you (NOT your pet!) are aged 55 or older, you may obtain a reduced cost registration by providing proof of age. 

     Special Services

    The Animal Resource Center will make arrangements to assist handicapped, disabled, or elderly residents in obtaining their cat registrations.

     Registrations by mail

    Cat owners may fill out, detach, and return the cat registration application to receive a registration tag by mail. Follow the instructions printed on the back of the application.  DO NOT SEND CASH VIA THE MAIL!

     Registration Mini-stations

    The Animal Resource Center will schedule registration sales for groups such as civic leagues, apartment complexes, etc. Please contact us at (937) 898-4457 to make  arrangements.


    Bark Park Big Hill - IS OPEN

    As of Saturday May 2, 2015 the big hill of the Bark Park is officially open for the season!  Thank you for you patience while the necessary work was completed on the hill to ensure many more years of fun for our 4-legged freinds!

    5th Annual Bark Park Bake Sale

    Stop by the Bark Park on Saturday June 6, 2015 from 9 AM - 2 PM for our annual bake sale.  We will have raffles, t-shirts, human and dogs goodies and much, much more for everyone to enjoy!  We will see you there!  

    Mingle With Our Mutts

    Please join us the Second Sunday of each month from Noon - 2 PM for Mingle with Our Mutts we will have lots of adoptable dogs and cats looking for new homes.