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    About Us

     Animal Resource Center

    • ARC is the largest companion animal shelter in the Greater Dayton area. 
    • ARC receives over 7000 dogs per year and over 3500 cats per year.
    • ARC is the dog warden for Montgomery County.  Every county in Ohio is required by state law to have a dog warden.  We handle all the stray dogs for Montgomery County.
    • ARC adopts out over 1800 dogs and cats per year - come see us for your next best friend!
    • A dog that is not wearing his/her license is held 3 days only - make sure your dog has his/her license on!
    • The 2012 Montgomery county dog license fee is $20.00 for altered dogs and $24 for unaltered dogs.  For more dog licensing information, visit the Montgomery County Auditor.
    • We shelter cats from all over the county - if you have lost your cat, make sure to look here, in addition to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and SICSA.
    • We moved into our new shelter in March 2005.  It is a state-of-the-art, 24,000 square foot facility. 

    Contact Us:

    Shelter: (937) 898-4457
    Office Fax: (937) 454-8139
    6790 Webster St.
    Dayton, OH 45414
    View Map
    Shelter Hours:
    10 am - 6 PM, Monday-Friday
    10 am - 4 PM, Saturday
    Sundays & Holidays: Open from 11 AM Until 1 PM For Lost Pet Searches ONLY



    Bark Park Bake Sale

    Come join us Saturday June 7 from 10 AM - 3 PM for our 4th Annual Bark Park Bake Sale.  We will have goodies for dogs and their humans to enjoy, raffles, music, microchip specials and much more!  All proceeds from this event will go to the Tiny Tim Fund.

    Mingle With Our Mutts

    Please join us the Second Sunday of each month from Noon - 2 PM for Mingle with Our Mutts we will have lots of adoptable dogs and cats looking for new homes. 

    Winter Safety Tips

    When temperatures (and snow) begin to fall, you'll find your pet needs a little extra care from you.

    *A bowl of frozen water can't help a thirsty pet.  Check outdoor water bowls often when it's below freezing.

    *Outdoor dogs need more calories in the winter to produce body heat, so increase the amount you feed your pet.

    *Chemicals used to melt snow on sidewalks can irritate your pet's paws, so you may want to wipe them with a wet cloth after an outing.

    *Antifreeze tastes good to pets, but it's a deadly poison.

    *A cat may crawl up under your car seeking warmth from your engine.