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    Learning & Performance

    About Learning and Performance

    The Montgomery County Learning and Performance Department has a history of providing quality learning opportunities for employees who contribute their time and talents to the effective operation of the County. With a small staff, we have introduced innovative concepts and applicable skill development topics to individuals at all levels of the County.

    Learning and PerformanceBusinesses and Non-profit Organizations looking for a low-cost, high-quality conference and training facility are encouraged to check out the Madison Lakes Learning and Conference Center. Located in the beautiful Madison Lakes Park just 10 minutes from Downtown Dayton, the Center provides state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, free parking and personalized service.


    Our mission is to provide, through effective consulting, learning opportunities, assessment and measurement services and personal coaching that ensure continuous individual and organizational improvement.

    Our Customers:

    • The County Commissioners, County Administrators and taxpayers
    • The directors, managers, supervisors and first-line employees who report to the Board of County Commissioners
    • The Elected Officials, their managers, supervisors and first-line employees
    • The managers, supervisors and first-line employees who work for County agencies and their boards

    Services Provided:


    Phone: (937) 496-6644


    581 Olive Road South
    Dayton, OH 45427