Working Groups

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Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition

In February of 2011, a facilitated meeting was conducted and the Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition was formed. Participants separated into four groups which became the committees of the MCFPC.
  The groups have since consolidated into the following three committees:



  • The Land Use Committee conducted an assessment of Non-Agricultural Zoned Areas in all 27 jurisdictions within Montgomery County.  This assessment included personal garden space, community garden space, small-scale farming, animal husbandry, and farmer’s markets.   The committee has also discussed including a comprehensive land use map with the completed assessment, creating a more visual picture of the agriculture that is permitted in our neighborhoods. 


  • A community garden - OSU Extension and Molina Healthcare are developing a plan to provide expertise for community gardens.  This will be a pilot project with the idea of being duplicated in other areas.  This project is different than an ordinary community garden because it will include education components in good agricultural practices, production, preparation and preservation, and nutrition. 
  • The committee would also like to create a web-based clearinghouse for locally grown fresh produce.  This would allow farmers to distribute produce to local users, such as schools and restaurants, more effectively.


  • Wright State University students, Teresa Thomas and Paula Cosby, conducted an assessment to determine the number of seniors over 65, in Montgomery County, who are eligible for food assistance but do not take advantage of the program.  They found was an estimated 4,000 additional seniors who could benefit from food assistance.  There is evidence that shows a great majority of this population of senior citizens does not take advantage of food assistance for one reason or another.  As a result, a subcommittee was formed to begin work on an outreach project in the 45420 zip code, with plans to expand throughout the remainder of the county. 
  • In the spring of 2013, a local food system assessment was conducted by graduate students at the Ohio State University.  The students used secondary information and interviews for their assessment.   Montgomery County Food System Assessment.