Annual Food Summit

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Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition

2018 Montgomery County Food Policy: From Farm to Fork, Growing a Stronger Food System

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 
2018 Summit Save the Date - Copy

2017 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Wrap-up news release
A quick look at the highlights of the 2017 Food Summit

Presentations in Eichelberger

Presentations by:
East End Food Access and Resiliency Enterprise  -  Danielle Weickert
West Dayton Food Access Collective Impact Project  - Clayton Genth
Gem City Market  -  Lela Klein
The Foodbank Strategic Plan – Michelle Riley
Columbus/Franklin County Food Plan  - Brian Estabrook and Jalisa Dawkins
Local Producers  - Felix Fernando

Here is the link where the executive summary as well as the full plan can be found .

Presentations in the Community Room

Presentations by:
Lincoln Hill Garden Project  - Don Pair, Stephen Miller, and Kate Ervin

Presented by Glennon Sweeney, Kirwan Institute

2016 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Homefull - Jimmy Ryan
Foodbank - Lora Davenport
GDUCI Grocery Coop - Matt Currie
Health Implications of Living in a Food Desert - Emilie Westcott & Becky Gonter-Dray, Dayton Children's Hospital
Food Waste Recovery Programs:
Got Veggies - Clayton Mathile, Evan Eichenauer, Sarah Hartley, Katie Kohnen
Food Waste Campaign - Mary Sue Gmeiner
Compost Dayton - David Weickert
House of Bread - Melodie Bennett
Public Health Updates - Robert Harrison and Cheryl Scroggins
What do those food labels mean? - Dan Remley
Local Food & Hunger Systems Interconnectivity - Kelly Bohrer, Diana Cuy Castellanos, Jeanne Holcomb, University of Dayton
How Hospital Systems Can Combat Hunger Issues - Shaun Hamilton, Premier Health
Five Rivers MetroParks City Beets - Luci Beachdell, Five Rivers MetroParks
The Economics of Gardening - Luci Beachdell, Five Rivers MetroParks & Teri Schoch, Partners for the Environment
Funding - Tony Logan, USDA

2015 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit

Collaborating for Clients - Michelle Riley and Lizz Kelly
Opportunity Mapping - Dawn Ebron
Equitable Civic Engagement to Expand Access to Healthy Foods - Kip Holley
Food Waste - PBS Food Series
The Face of Childhood Hunger in Southwest Ohio - Maria Santiago and Tom Saunders
Greater Dayton Union Food Cooperative Initiative - Erica Bruton
The Market @ Wright Stop Plaza - Jimmy Ryan
The Perspective of Value: Food Waste in the Desert - Barb Asberry
Nudging Fruits and Vegetables through the School Lunch Program - Marietta Orlowski and Judi Hunter
Zoning Ordinances and Local Food - Matthew Currie
The Urban Renewal Farm (TURF) - Jim Wellman
Propolis Project - Dwight Wells
Funding Resources:  Federal, State, Local & Free! - Tony Logan

USDA Handout 1
USDA Handout 2
Bringing Food Where Hunger Lives - Lizz Kelly

2014 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit


Mile Creek Farm - Ben Jackle
A Study in Ohio's Hospitals and Their Use of Local Foods - Brian Raison, OSU Extension
Shiloh Market (Dayton) - Zella Cook
Findlay Market (Cincinnati) - Karen Kahle
Weinland Park Food District (Columbus) - Brian Williams, MORPC
EBT Connection - Christie Welch, The Ohio State University
The Detroit Eastern Market - Dan Carmody
Dorothy Lane Market - Dennis Chrisman
Patchwork Gardens - George Mertz
Our Harvest Cooperative - Kristin Gangwer
Mission of Mary - Stephen Mackell
Champaign County Virtual Farmers Market - Pam Bowshier & Mark Runyan
2013 Montgomery County Food Policy Coalition Food Summit


Grow Food Grow Hope - Anthony Staubach
Fiver Rivers MetroParks Farmers Market - Bethany Ramsey
OSU Extension, Miami County - Brian Raison
Aullwood Audubon Center & Farm - Charity Krueger
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - J. Anthony Logan
Valley View School - Kevin Philips
Olive, An Urban Dive - Kimberly Colette
B-W Greenways - Sherry Chen
OSU Extension - Suzanne Mills - Wazniak
Synergy Incubators - Tonia Fish