Commissioner Lieberman Named to Statewide Innovation Council

Montgomery County Commission President Debbie Lieberman announced on October 5, 2011, that Ohio Governor John Kasich has appointed her to the Local Government Innovation Council.  This new group, made up of 15 members from across the state, will develop ideas to further local government collaboration and cooperation.  The Council will also oversee a $45 million dollar fund for grants and loans to local governments to implement new programs to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

“I am very pleased to represent Montgomery County and the County Commissioners’ Association of Ohio (CCAO) on the Local Government Innovation Council,” said Commissioner Lieberman.  “Montgomery County has a long history of innovation and I will bring that experience to the group.”

The Council is required to establish a competitive loan and grant program by the end of 2011, solicit programs and make awards to counties, townships, municipalities (cities and villages) and school districts.  The awards will be based on return on investment, number of participating governments, and the ability to replicate the program throughout the state among other criteria. 

“If we are going to compete at the highest level in the global market, Ohio’s local governments must take the lead in developing successful strategies,” added Commissioner Lieberman. 

Applications from local governments will be accepted early next year and will use the existing Public Works Integrating Committee for local review before submittal to the Local Government Innovation Council.

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