Microchip Success Story at the ARC

While the thunderous sound of fireworks has faded since July 4th, distraught pet owners are still visiting the Animal Resource Center in hopes of being reunited with their missing pets.

On Wednesday, August 3rd, Animal Care & Control Officer Ellen Paul responded to the Downtown Marriot at 1414 South Patterson in Dayton where a guest staying at the hotel reported a stray hanging around near his room. The guest said the front desk noted the dog had been hanging around for about a week so he started feeding the wayward pooch and called the Animal Resource Center. After finding the dog in the patio area near the guest's room, Officer Paul deployed one of our most advanced animal capture techniques to convince the skittish dog that we were "the good guys" - the hotdogs worked!

On arrival at the Animal Resource Center, the dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix-breed, was scanned for a microchip and "Hattie's" owner was called. According to her family, Hattie had been scared by fireworks over the 4th of July holiday and they had almost given up hope. Larcinda Jackson of Smith Street in Dayton had adopted Hattie from the Animal Resource Center last year and the family was ecstatic that she had been found almost a month later.

“Rescuing and reuniting lost pets is why the Animal Resource Center is here," said Director Mark Kumpf. "Our officers respond to thousands of calls just like this every year, making every effort to get lost pets home. Licenses and microchips are part of each and every success story and we appreciate the support from our community each year for purchasing licenses and adopting animals from the Animal Resource Center."



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