Fall 2010 ED/GE Recommendations Announced

On Friday, December 10, 2010, the Montgomery County, Ohio Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE) Advisory Committee recommended funding 8 projects, totaling $1,600,000, from the County’s 2010 Primary Economic Development Fund of ED/GE.  The funding recommendations will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners at its December 14, 2010 meeting. The projects recommended for funding are: 

Miami Township – Optivus R&D Facility - $300,000

The Optivus research and development facility will produce and provide technical support for equipment utilized in proton beam cancer treatment. Optivus will construct a 40,000 s.f. research and development facility on 4.7 acres of lands in the southwest quadrant of the new Austin Interchange.  Optivus will create 78 full time jobs with an average annual salary of $89,544 per year and total payroll of $7 million.  ED/GE funds will be utilized for site development.

City of Dayton – DRT Expansion - $150,000

DRT Manufacturing Company will demolish an old portion of its facility and replace it with a new 16,000 s.f. expansion of its manufacturing space at a cost of $2.5 million.  The company will then install five new CNC machine tools at an estimated cost of $5 million.  The project will retain 204 jobs and create 25 new jobs.  ED/GE funds will help offset the cost of construction.

City of Vandalia – Delphi - $100,000

Delphi will invest in heating/ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) mold and assembly manufacturing equipment, as well as facility investments for material delivery, movement of gas throughout the site, overhead crane additions, parking lot upkeep and truck drive entry repairs.  This will enable the Vandalia facility to roughly double its hourly employment and unit production, creating 100 new jobs and retaining 130 jobs.  ED/GE funds will be used for facility improvements. 

City of Englewood – GAPI, USA, Inc. - $250,000

If Englewood is chosen as the preferred location, GAPI will invest $5.4 million in building and equipment to expand its U.S. production.  Phase one includes the construction of  a 5,000 s.f. manufacturing building with an anticipated 33,000 s.f. expansion of that building in phase two.  The new facility will create 25 jobs with an estimated payroll of $875,000 in phase one, with additional job creation in phase two.  ED/GE funds will help pay for site development.

City of Trotwood – Project CP3 - $150,000

CP3’s proposed relocation will require an estimated $950,000 in building acquisition and improvements, over $2 million in machinery and equipment investment and $60,000 in moving costs.  ED/GE dollars will enable CP3 to offset the cost of improvements.  The project will create 45 new full-time jobs at the project site within the first three years of operation.  The project will also allow Westwood Fabrication Company to expand its operations and workforce by leasing 30,000 s.f. of space, creating 5 new full-time jobs and retaining 9 jobs.

City of Dayton – GE Aviation EPISCENTER - $500,000

GE Aviation plans to construct a 115,000 s.f., $51 million center along River Park Drive by mid-2011 and begin operating it by the end of 2012.  It will be known as the Electrical Power Integrated Systems Research and Development Center (EPISCENTER) and will focus on developing new electric power systems for aircraft, ships, automobiles and other markets. GE will initially hire 10 to 15 scientists for the center and transfer others in from other GE locations.  The headquarters will be relocated from Vandalia; however, most of the company’s current 275 Vandalia employees will remain there.  ED/GE funds will assist with the construction of the new research facility. 

City of Riverside – Evanhoe & Associates - $50,000

Evanhoe & Associates has purchased a building on Normal Boulevard to house 12 of its 20 employees.  Remaining employees are stationed at various air bases around the country.  Additional renovations need to be done to the building in order to house an additional 10 staff members early in 2011 and the possibility of an additional 10 employees in the future.  ED/GE funds will offset the cost of renovations.

City of Huber Heights – Stratacache Redevelopment - $100,000

Stratacache has purchased an abandoned 45,000 s.f. former Kroger building in which to operate its light assembly and warehouse operations.  The facility needs major renovations and ED/GE dollars will be used for exterior repairs and site improvements.  Stratacache will create 15 new jobs with an estimated payroll of $480,000.  The project will also enable the company to retain their 37 employees at its Dayton headquarters.



The ED/GE Program was established by the Montgomery County Commissioners in 1992 to attract jobs and retain the County’s tax base, reduce inter-local competition for development, enable the County to successfully compete as a region in national and international markets, and to share the benefits of county-wide economic prosperity among all jurisdictions in the County.  After nine successful years, ED/GE was renewed for another ten years, beginning in 2001.  Twenty-eight jurisdictions, representing 100% of Montgomery County’s population, are members. 

ED/GE consists of two components: economic development (ED) and government equity (GE).   The ED component is  funded by  the  Montgomery  County  Commissioners with countywide sales tax proceeds  for ten years.  Two funds exist under the ED component:  Projects funded from the Primary ED Fund are to be used primarily to establish or expand commercial, industrial and research facilities and create and preserve job and employment opportunities. 

The Opportunity Reserve Fund was established to take advantage of unanticipated and important economic development opportunities that arise outside of the ED/GE funding cycles.

The overall purpose of the GE component is to share some of the economic benefits (i.e. increased revenue) resulting from new economic development among Montgomery County’s participating jurisdictions.


The ED/GE Advisory Committee consists of 15 members (6 representing cities and villages (one vacancy currently exists); 4 representing townships; 3 representing private sector; and 2 Montgomery County Commissioners).  The members of the Committee are as follows:

Gary Auman - Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Steve Crowe - Perry Township

Judy Dodge - Montgomery County Commission            

Greg Hanahan - German Township

David Hicks - City of Moraine

Greg Horn - City of Centerville

Debbie Lieberman - Montgomery County Commission

Dean Lovelace - City of Dayton

Steve Reeves - Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Mark Schwieterman - City of Kettering

Eric Smith - City of Englewood

Frank Winslow - Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce

Dave Woods - Harrison Township

Joyce Young - Washington Township        


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