Alex Bell Pike Bridge Replacement

Joseph Litvin, P.E., P.S., Montgomery County Engineer, wishes to update the public regarding the situation on Alex-Bell Pike, #MOT-CR78-1.97, Bridge Replacement.

During the construction of the Alex-Bell Pike, #MOT-CR78-1.97, Bridge Replacement, Miami and Washington Townships, it will be necessary to interrupt traffic while cranes lift beams and set them into place for the new bridge. During this process, traffic will be maintained, but it will be necessary to stop traffic for short intervals. The patience of the public and their careful, safe driving during these operations is greatly appreciated.

This work will be performed beginning the afternoon of Monday, November 22, 2010, and Tuesday, November 23, 2010, until all beams are set.

County Engineers in Ohio are required by law to be registered as both Professional Engineers (P.E.) and Professional Surveyors (P.S.). They are responsible for the maintenance and construction of county roads and maintenance and construction of bridges on county roads, township roads, and certain streets within municipalities. They are also responsible for maintaining land surveying records, checking the accuracy and adequacy of recorded land transfer records, and establishing or re-establishing certain land survey monuments.

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