Fall 2013 ED/GE Recommendations Announced

On Friday, December 6, 2013, the Montgomery County, Ohio Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE) Advisory Committee recommended funding 11 projects, totaling $2,152,500 from the County’s 2013 Primary Economic Development Fund of ED/GE. The funding recommendations will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners at its December 12, 2013 meeting. The projects recommended for funding are:

City of Dayton – Water Street Redevelopment - $500,000

The proposed project includes construction of a 50,000 s.f. commercial building, 200 residential apartment units, a 480 space parking structure, public infrastructure improvements and new pedestrian and riverfront landscaping. ED/GE funds will be used for public infrastructure improvements including curbs, sidewalks, lighting and landscaping. The project is anticipated to create 15 new jobs and retain 80 current positions.

City of Dayton – The Entrepreneurs Center (TEC) - $112,500

The ED/GE funding will be utilized as match funds to allow TEC to continue delivering on-site, off-site and SBDC services to clients in Dayton and Montgomery County. Cuts and changes in program and funding from the state require TEC to obtain additional matching funds or cut staff and services. The project will retain 80 jobs and create approximately 15 jobs within the next year.

Harrison Township – Pave Technologies - $75,000

Pave Technologies is planning to build a new 8,000 s.f. building to expand its manufacturing operations. The project will retain 42 current jobs and add an additional 20 new jobs. ED/GE funds will be used to offset the cost of the construction.

City Huber Heights – Enman Tool Expansion - $135,000

Enman Tool & Die is planning to add an additional 10,000-15,000 s.f. manufacturing facility to enable the addition of a new product line. They currently have 11 employees and plan to add an additional 15 new jobs. ED/GE dollars will be used to offset the cost of the land acquisition and building construction.

City of Kettering – National Composite Center (NCC) - $200,000

The National Composite Center is planning a $2.9 million renovation project that will modernize its facility to assist with retention of current tenants, attraction of new companies and increased business opportunities. It is anticipated that the project will add an additional 32 jobs to the 78 jobs currently located at the NCC. ED/GE funds will be used to leverage additional funding from state and federal sources.

City of Miamisburg – Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems (AIMS) - $60,000

AIMS has outgrown its current facility and will be moving to Miamisburg into a larger facility. They currently have 12 employees and plan to hire 10 additional employees. ED/GE funds will help offset building renovation costs at the new facility.

City of Miamisburg – Dayton Superior Corporation Innovation Center - $60,000

Dayton Superior will be creating a new innovation center to consolidate its research and development testing from around the country. When fully staffed in 2015, the innovation center will include 10 new full-time employees and retain 4 current jobs. ED/GE funding will be used to offset the cost of the new center.

City of Moraine – Project Southbound - $700,000

The proposed project would be located at the former GM Moraine Assembly Plant. The project would include nearly 1.4 million s.f. of existing Brownfield space and require over 500 parking spaces. Total project cost has an overall estimated investment of $250 million, including acquisition, facility modifications/construction, site improvements and machinery and equipment. ED/GE funds will assist with facility improvements. The project would bring 630-800 new jobs to Moraine.

City of Vandalia – Independent Can Company - $200,000

This $10 million project will add a 103,000 s.f. manufacturing and warehouse facility to Independent Can’s current facility. The project will create 30 new jobs in Vandalia. ED/GE dollars will help offset the cost of land acquisition and construction.

City of West Carrollton – 3PM, Inc. - $77,500

This project will modify approximately one-half of a 28,000 s.f. facility to accommodate a manufacturing operation which produces powdered metal components. The project will create 11 immediate new jobs with a projected 9 additional jobs within 18 months. The project will also retain 13 jobs at Ace Provisions in West Carrollton. ED/GE funds will help offset the cost of the renovation.

City of West Carrollton – Production Design Services, Inc. (PDSI) Expansion - $32,500

PDSI will use ED/GE funds to upgrade its electrical service, enabling them to install new equipment and increasing their manufacturing capacity. It is estimated that 4 new jobs will be created once the upgrade is completed.


The ED/GE Program was established by the Montgomery County Commissioners in 1992 to attract jobs and retain the County’s tax base, reduce inter-local competition for development, enable the County to successfully compete as a region in national and international markets, and to share the benefits of county-wide economic prosperity among all jurisdictions in the County. After nineteen successful years, ED/GE was renewed for another nine years, beginning in 2011.

ED/GE consists of two components: economic development (ED) and government equity (GE). The ED component is funded by the Montgomery County Commissioners with countywide sales tax proceeds. Projects funded from the Primary ED Fund are to be used primarily to establish or expand commercial, industrial and research facilities and create and preserve job and employment opportunities.

The overall purpose of the GE component is to share some of the economic benefits (i.e. increased revenue) resulting from new economic development among Montgomery County’s participating jurisdictions.

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