"Scary" Adoption Prices & Halloween Pet Safety Tips

The scariest, spookiest time of the year is upon us. This is the time when all the ghosts, goblins, ghouls and other monsters will be out in full force visiting our homes. In light of the scariest time of year, the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center has some scary adoption specials. Now through October 31st:

The ARC is also recommending that dog and cat owners take precautions to keep their pets safe this Halloween.

  1. That bowl of candy is for trick-or-treaters, not for pets. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs and cats. If it is suspected that your pet has ingested something toxic, call your vet, the emergency veterinary clinic or the Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435.
  2. Popular Halloween decorations such as pumpkins and decorative corn are considered to be relatively non-toxic; however, they can produce upset stomachs in pets.
  3. If a candle is used to light your jack-o-lantern, place them in an area where pets will be unlikely to knock them over, thus avoiding a fire.
  4. Electric lights and other decorations should be out of the reach of pets. If the cords are chewed on, your pet may suffer from burns or possibly a life threatening shock.
  5. Do not put your pet in a costume unless you know that they love it. Those pets that do not like being in costume will be caused undue stress this time of year.
  6. If you do dress up your pet, make certain that the costume does not constrict the pet’s natural movements or impede their ability to see, hear, breathe, bark or meow. As an alternative you may wish to consider a festive bandana.
  7. Closely inspect your pet’s costume to ensure that there are no dangling pieces that can be easily chewed off that they could choke on. 
  8. Even some of the most social pets should be kept in a separate room from the front door during trick-or treat hours. Too many human ghouls can be scary and stressful for them.
  9. When opening the door for trick-or-treaters, make sure your pet doesn’t dart out the door.
  10. Lastly, make certain that your pet(s) has proper identification. If your pet should escape and become lost, a collar with license or other ID can be a lifesaver. Remember, your dog’s license is its ticket home.

The Montgomery County Animal Resource Center is located at 6790 Webster Street in Dayton. 

ARC Hours:

10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – Monday through Friday

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. – Saturday

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Sundays & Holidays for Lost Pet Searches ONLY

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