Montgomery County Meets or Exceeds Drinking Water Quality Standards

Montgomery County Environmental Services has once again met or exceeded all drinking water safety and testing standards, as set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Citizens can learn more in the recently released Drinking Water Quality Report, which contains information about public safety and health, drinking water sources and water contaminant monitoring.


“Access to clean, affordable water helps ensure the quality of life in our region. Each year, we test more than 4,400 samples of drinking water to ensure that our water is safe and pure,” said Patrick Turnbull, Director of Environmental Services.


This is the 15th year in a row that the department has met and exceeded drinking water safety and testing standards. Montgomery County Environmental Services distributes drinking water to more than 82,000 customers, and is responsible for maintaining 12 pump stations, 14 water storage facilities (e.g., water towers, reservoirs), about 1,400 miles of water mains, more than 30,000 valves and more than 12,000 fire hydrants.


The EPA requires all community water systems to produce a drinking water quality report, also called a consumer confidence report. Montgomery County Environmental Services purchases its drinking water from the City of Dayton Department of Water, which provided some data for the report.


To get a copy of the 2013 Drinking Water Quality Report, call (937) 781-2532, visit or click here to download.

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