Montgomery County Environmental Services Announces $650K Water Main Replacement Project

In early August, Montgomery County Environmental Services will begin excavation for a $650,000 water main replacement project in Washington Township. The project should be completed by early 2017.

The main being replaced has suffered five main breaks since 2009 and is located in an area with poor access, which makes discovering breaks and repairing them more difficult, according to Patrick Turnbull, director of Environmental Services.

“The water infrastructure in the project area is aging and those water lines have reached the end of their useful life,” Turnbull said. “By replacing these water lines, we hope to improve water service reliability and reduce the long-term maintenance costs of the system.”

The project will replace approximately 4,000 feet of water main lines. The construction contract is for $654,737, but the project will include additional costs for engineering design, easements, and other work.

The construction project is not anticipated to cause significant traffic interruptions and no detours are planned. However, motorists should always slow down and exercise caution when traveling through active construction sites.

Residents may experience a short water service disruption while the old lines are disconnected from service. This disruption will involve a boil notice for approximately two days. Each resident will also experience a brief water service interruption when individual lines are reconnected. Notice will be given to residents approximately two days before any planned disruption. Instructions for boil notices will also be distributed.

Residents affected by the construction project may contact (937) 781-2640 for more information.