Montgomery County Awarded $650K Rebate from DP&L

On July 19, The Dayton Power and Light Company presented the Montgomery County Commissioners with more than $650,000 in energy rebates for capital improvements and energy reductions at the Montgomery County Western Regional Water Reclamation Facility in West Carrollton, Ohio.

“The Montgomery County Commissioners are pleased to accept this rebate from DP&L, which encourages more sustainable energy usage in our community,” said Montgomery County Commission President Judy Dodge. “We also want to thank our staff at Environmental Services, who worked so hard to improve our operations, save the County money, and be good stewards of the environment and public health.”

Dayton Power and Light Company energy efficiency rebates encourage local businesses and government organizations to invest in energy-efficient equipment and technologies. These rebates also promote more responsible energy usage and energy sustainability.

“Through smart planning and utilizing today’s energy-efficient technology, Montgomery County is leading the way in using energy more effectively and being fiscally responsible towards the public,” said DP&L President and CEO Tom Raga. “DP&L is proud to partner with the commissioners in their innovative efforts to reduce energy consumption.”

In 2015, Montgomery County Environmental Services finished vital capital improvements to the Western Regional Water Reclamation Facility, which included installing more energy-efficient equipment and technology. The equipment that was replaced had been installed when the plant was first built in 1978, and was in desperate need of an upgrade.

This capital investment improved wastewater (sewer) treatment, increased operational efficiency, and reduced system energy costs. The department then applied for custom energy rebates from DP&L, which resulted in an award of $650,843.11 in energy rebates in 2016.

The total cost for these long overdue plant upgrades was $3.6 million, and the upgrades will pay for themselves in six years or less.

“Water reclamation services are vital to protect public health and the environment, but maintaining and upgrading aging sewer infrastructure can be very costly,” said Patrick Turnbull, director of Montgomery County Environmental Services. “Our employees work very hard to make our operations as efficient as possible, and to leverage new technology to improve our water and sewer services to our customers.”

Since 2012, Environmental Services has made a concerted effort to reduce energy usage and obtain better energy pricing. These efforts have made the county’s water and wastewater operations more effective, efficient and fiscally responsible.

In 2013, Environmental Services began purchasing energy using a strategy called Block and Index, a very innovative approach among public sector utilities. In the first two years of the project, the department saved 10.7% or $193,000 on energy bills. In the third year of the project, the department saved an additional 18.5%, or $430,000, compared to 2013 pricing.