Budget Commission approves increase in allocations

Budget Commission members, County Prosecutor Mat Heck, County Auditor Karl Keith and County Treasurer Carolyn Rice, voted to approve the annual allocations at their meeting on Monday, August 24th at the County Administration Building.  The allocations are determined based upon an estimate of the available funds from the Ohio Department of Taxation and a formula approved by the county’s jurisdictions and the Commission.

The county’s annual estimates for both the Local Government Fund and the Public Library Fund each increased by more than $1 million  from the previous year’s estimates. The $18 million allocation approved by the commission for the local government fund is a 6.9% increase over last year, and the $19.7 million allocation for the public library fund is a 6.5% increase.

 According to Auditor Keith, this year’s fund estimates are at their highest level in a number of years.  “The amount certified to us by the state for the local government fund is the highest we’ve seen since 2012,” Keith said.  “And, the total allocation for the libraries is the most we have approved since 2008.”

 Of the $18 million allocated from the Local Government Fund, Montgomery County will receive the largest portion with $7.6 million followed by the City of Dayton with $6.2 million. 

In other action, the Budget Commission approved a request from New Lebanon Schools to transfer excess funds from its bond retirement fund to a permanent improvement fund. The transfer will allow the district to pay for upgrades to the restrooms and concession areas at the high school’s football stadium.   

Date: August 26, 2015