Fall 2015 ED/GE Funding Recommendations Announced

On Friday December 4, 2015, the Montgomery County, Ohio Economic Development/Government Equity (ED/GE) Advisory Committee recommended funding nine projects, totaling $1,289,843 from the County’s 2015 Economic Development fund.  The funding recommendations will be considered by the Board of County Commissioners at its December 10, 2015 meeting. The projects recommended for funding are: 

City of Brookville – Green Tokai- $200,000

This project will enable an existing Brookville business to acquire adjacent properties to support its expansion. In addition to acquisition, the project will renovate an existing building for the business to increase its manufacturing and distribution capabilities. The growth will generate 15 new jobs.

City of Dayton – Project George - $250,000 with an additional $250,000 in 2016

This project renovates and makes improvements for a long-standing Dayton business to give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace and bring deeper investment from its parent company into the Dayton area.

City of Dayton – Rostam Direct - $100,000

Rostam Direct, the operating arm of Gardens Alive, will establish a logistics presence in Montgomery County. The project will create 54 new jobs in Montgomery County and will invest in a vacant structure at the Dayton International Airport.

City of Dayton – Angstron Materials, Inc. - $40,000

This project will allow Angstron Materials, Inc. to expand its capacity by helping it increase its physical footprint at a property near its current facility, thereby creating a campus for the business. The growth of the business will generate 15 new jobs.

City of Dayton – Hohman Plating - $25,000

Hohman Plating, a Dayton original since 1918, will repair and upgrade its current manufacturing operation, as well as add new machinery and equipment to support its growth. Hohman Plating will create nine new jobs as a result of its investment.

City of Miamisburg – Evenflo - $175,000

Evenflo, owned by Goodbaby International, will make site improvements to its Miamisburg location. The project will modernize and unify its multi-building campus to make it more competitive in the global marketplace.  The modernization and growth will generate 20 new jobs and solidify the company’s investment in Miamisburg.

City of Miamisburg – Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems - $49,843

Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems, a rapidly growing business, hopes to double in size as it upgrades its building to support its manufacturing activities. The company expects to hire 22 new people as a result of its growth.

City of Trotwood – Specialty Manufacturing Solutions - $100,000

Outgrowing its current facilities, Specialty Manufacturing Solutions will acquire and renovate a vacant big-box retail building on Salem Avenue, converting it to a manufacturing facility. The company will relocate 52 employees to this new facility and will hire ten new employees.

Multiple Potential Sites - Project Skin - $350,000

Project Skin will renovate and upgrade an existing facility so the company can relocate to the Montgomery County location in support of its rapid expansion. As a result of its relocation, the company’s payroll of 292 positions will have a significant impact on local tax revenue.


The ED/GE Program was established by the Montgomery County Commissioners in 1992 to attract jobs and retain the County’s tax base, reduce inter-local competition for development, enable the County to successfully compete as a region in national and international markets, and to share the benefits of county-wide economic prosperity among all jurisdictions in the County.   

ED/GE consists of two components: economic development (ED) and government equity (GE).  The ED component is funded by the Montgomery County Commissioners with countywide sales tax proceeds.  Projects funded from the Primary ED Fund are to be used primarily to establish or expand commercial, industrial and research facilities and create and preserve job and employment opportunities.

The overall purpose of the GE component is to share some of the economic benefits (i.e. increased revenue) resulting from new economic development among Montgomery County’s participating jurisdictions.