Montgomery County, Ohio
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Most information on the site is linked in several different areas. We are dedicated to making your experience on this site as rewarding and fluid as possible - if you have a technical question or believe there is a problem with the functionality of the site, please contact us.

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You can access the main area pages by clicking on their names under the top banner or by clicking their links in the footer at the bottom of every page (including this one).

Government provides information about our elected officials and court system. There are also lists of our departments, agencies and local government sites. 

Services provide a categorical list of links is provided for individuals who may or may not live in Montgomery County. Health and social services, education, housing, and environmental links are here.  To help you find information quickly, keywords are listed alphabetically as well.

Visiting is an area for individuals interested in visiting different parts of Montgomery County, who may or may not live here. Maps, parking, and community events are some of the links found under visiting.

Business is specifically targeted at individuals doing business in or with Montgomery County. Licenses and permits, taxes, and economic development information are found under Business.

Meetings is a list of details for public meetings.



The "How Do I?" section found on the left navigation of the home page provides answers to common questions about the services in Montgomery County. This page was created to help individuals locate information when the exact department under which to look is not known.



Clicking on any of the links within the main areas will take you to a departmental or subject page. These pages feature information on a given department or subject, like elected officials or parks and recreation, supplied by different agencies within our government.

Every page (including this one) features a standard header and footer at the top and bottom, which lets you easily get back to any of the main area pages. In addition, there are "breadcrumb links" above the introductory paragraphs that begins with "HOME"; this lets you know where you are in relation to other relevant areas of the site. You can always get back to the related area or subject page from the breadcrumb links or the main links.

Most departmental and subject pages have links in the blue column on the left that are relevant to that department or subject only.

The header at the top of every page lets you search our entire site for a given word or phrase.



News & highlights will appear on the right side of any given page. News & highlights on a departmental or subject page pertains only to that department or subject. If there is no column displayed on the right labeled News & Highlights, that means that there are currently no news items for this department or subject.

The news shown on the main page is a collection of the most recent news items from all departments.


More Steps Needed to Deal with Vacant Property
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Probate Court Now Accepts Cash, Money Order, Cashier's Checks and Credit Cards.
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Property Value Appeals Decrease
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Former Parkway Inn Demolition Kick-Off Ceremony
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County Awarded for Excellence in Financial Reporting
Irish Dancers Entertain Individuals with Disabilities on St. Patrick's Day
Effective May 1, 2010
Stillwater Center Employee & Volunteer Recognition Ceremony
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