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Tax Lien Sale

Welcome to the Tax Certificate Lien Sale Information Center


 Property Owner | Bidder/Lien Holder 


Customer Service: (937) 225-4010, Option 1
Delinquency Department: (937) 225-4010, Option 2
Tax Lien Department: (937) 225-4010, Option 8
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Our Mission
To collect delinquent tax dollars that are needed to fund our schools and vital services while offering property owners the opportunity to retain their properties and avoid foreclosure.
Our Vision

To assist property owners in paying their delinquent taxes through progressive programs. To rehabilitate unwanted properties and vacant land into productive properties that add value to the community. To invest the delinquent monies collected to support our schools and youth and vital services needed to grow stronger communities.

  • Purchaser only holds a lien against the property.
  • Purchaser has no legal rights of property ownership.
  • All certified delinquent properties are eligible for sale.
  • Parcels will be bundled and sold as a package.
  • Bidders must register prior to the sale.
  • $500.00 registration fee required.

                    2007 Tax Certificate Lien Sale Results

 Auction Date:

Saturday, November 17, 2007 


County Administration Building
Commissioners Hearing Room 1001
10th Floor

Auction Results:

875 Parcels Sold for $2.69 Million to
American Tax Funding Servicing LLC



** Redemption is available ONLY through the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office (937-225-4010, Option 8).
  ** Lien purchasers are not permitted to contact the property owner within one year of the sale.
  ** If a tax lien is not paid one year after the date of the sale, the lien purchaser can start foreclosure which could result in the loss of your property.
  ** Current taxes must be paid on time and in full to avoid a second, subsequent tax lien.
  ** All payments applied toward the tax lien redemption amount must be made by cash, money order, or cashier's check.  Personal checks will not be accepted.

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