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    If the property tax records indicate an overpayment of real estate taxes, one or more parties may be eligible for a refund. Overpayments can occur for several reasons. Often they are the result of recent ownership changes where both the previous and current owners make payment toward the same tax charges. Sometimes they are the results of adjustments to the tax charges made after the billing has occurred and payments submitted.

    Instructions for Submission:

    1. Contact the Treasurer's Office by fax or mail regarding your request to
      resolve a refund issue.
    2. Please provide a day time telephone number.
    3. Send information by fax or mail to:
      Taxpayer Service Department
      Montgomery County Treasurer's Office
      451 West Third Street
      Dayton, OH 45422
      Fax number: (937) 496-7652

    If you have any questions, please contact the Treasurer's Office at (937) 225-4010 Option 1.