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    Pre-Payment Options


    The Montgomery CountyTreasurer's Office provides a range of payment options to assist taxpayers in planning their budgets, at no additional cost.


    Requirements for pre-payments plans:


    *Property taxes must be paid in full before starting a pre-payment plan.


    *Completed application must be received by the appropriate enrollment date.


    The options for pre-payment include:


    *Monthly Coupon - Real estate taxes are divided into monthly payments.  Monthly coupons are sent and these coupons are used to make pre-payments on future real estate taxes.


    *Monthly Electronic Withdrawal - Real estate taxes are divided into monthly payments.    Monthly pre-payments are then withdrawn once a month from one's authorized bank account.


    *Semi-Annual Electronic Withdrawal - Tax payments are withdrawn from one's authorized bank account twice a year during normal collection times (February and July).


    If you are interested in one of these payment options, fill out an application here.  


    For more information about starting a pre-payment plan, please contact the Montgomery CountyTreasurer's Office at (937) 225-4010 Option 1.