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    Payment Options


    There are several options for paying property taxes.

    pay your bill online 


    You may choose to pay your taxes online by electronic check for a fee of $1.17 for your total transaction.  To pay online, you will create an electronic check that will draw funds from your checking account the same way a paper check is debited.  Once the transaction is completed, you will instantly receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your payment.  The check must be drawn on a regular checking account to be processed correctly.  Checks associated with credit cards, mutual funds, home equity lines of credit, or other special accounts are not eligible for this payment choice.

    Click HERE to make an e-check payment.


     Credit Card/Debit Card/ATM

    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit Card, and ATM/Debit Card are accepted.  Payments may be made online at any time.  Please note there is a convenience fee of 2.35% added to your total transaction amount for credit card payments, and a flat fee of $3.95 for Debit Card/ATM card payments for those cards that qualify.

    Credit Card payments can also be made in person at the Montgomery County Treasurer's Office.

    If you need assistance paying by credit card, please call the Treasurer's Office at 937-225-4010 and select Option 1.

    Click HERE to make a card payment.



    Taxes may be paid by mailing a check to the Treasurer's Office.

    Make Check Payable To:  

    Carolyn Rice, Treasurer
    451 West Third Street
    Dayton, Ohio 45422

    To reduce deposit costs, all checks received in the mail and over-the-counter are processed digitally via the ACH network or Check 21 image deposit.



    Prepaid Real Estate Payment Plan (PREP) is offered to taxpayers who would like to have their property taxes divided into monthly payments throughout the year.  PREP payments can be budgeted like other monthly expenses.

    Taxpayers can choose between three option to suit their needs:

    1. Monthly Billing -- Annual taxes are divided into monthly payments.  You will receive monthly coupons.
    2. Monthly Electronic Billing -- Annual taxes are divided into monthly payments.  Monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account by EFT.
    3. Semi-Annual Billing -- Semi annual tax payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account.

    To enroll in any of these programs, please complete the APPLICATION and a Prepayment representative will contact you, or call 937-225-4010 and select Option 4.


    Monthly Payment Plan

    The monthly payment plan is an option for taxpayers who have become past due in their property taxes.  Property owners entering into payment contracts become current on their property taxes by paying toward all new taxes while paying off prior delinquent taxes.

    All penalties and interest will not be added to the past due account as long as terms of the agreement are followed.  If a payment is missed, the agreement is void and the Treasurer's Office will add the penalty and interest that would have been added prior to the agreement.

    Any property that is more than one (1) year past due and NOT in a past due payment plan is subject to foreclosure.  To inquire about an agreement, contact the Delinquency Department at 937-225-4010 and select Option 2.


    Drop Box

    Payments can be dropped into the Montgomery County 24-Hour Drop Box (blue box with the Montgomery County logo) located at 451 West Third Street on the Third Street sidewalk south of the Montgomery County Administration Building.  PLEASE DO NOT DROP CASH PAYMENTS INTO THE DROP BOX.