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    Legal Placement

    The Court requires Petitioner(s) be statutorily married one (1) year before the finalization of a legal placement or adoption.  

    Criteria for Legal Placements
    • Certified copy of child's birth certificate
    • Certified copy of death certificate of spouse(s) or natural parent(s)
    • Certified copies of divorce decrees of both Petitioner(s)
    • Certified marriage certificate of Petitioner(s)
    Forms Required for Legal Placement
    • Application for Placement
    • Entry Setting Date of Hearing and Ordering Notice
    • Assignment of Investigator
    • Waiver by Prospective Adopting Parent(s)
    • Affidavit 3127.23 signed by Applicant(s)
    • Judgment Entry (Approving Placement)
    Forms Required for Adoption
    • Petition for Adoption
    • Entry Setting Date of Hearing and Ordering Notice
    • Assignment of Investigator
    • Affidavit 3127.23 (signed by Petitioner(s))
    • Entry Finding Consent Not Necessary (if applicable)
    • Adoption Certificate for Parents
    • Final Decree of Adoption
    • Certificate of Adoption
    • Preliminary and Final Petitioner's Accounts
    Other Requirements
    • If the parent(s) is/are minors, the application must be submitted by them and  a next of friend 
    • If the case involves a putative father of a child born in Ohio after January 1, 1997, the Court requires a Putative Father Certification (if applicable).
    • Petitioner(s) must be available for a home interview by the assigned
      caseworker prior to the date of hearing
    • Everyone in the household 18 years of age or older must have a criminal background check.  Please contact the Court for costs.
    • All forms and requirements must be presented prior to the initiation of an adoption case
    • Affidavit of relationship/lineage
    • The Home Study will be completed by an outside agency approved by the Court.  Fees for the Home Study will be paid directly to the assessing agency by the Applicant(s)/Petitioner(s).
























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    Attention: New Probate Forms and Revised Probate Forms have been posted on the Probate Webpage.


    December 24, closing at 2:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve 

    December 25, Christmas Day

    December 26, Day After Christmas 



    Montgomery County Probate Court is proud to announce that Judge Alice O. McCollum is participating in the National Adoption Day on Thursday, November 20, 2014.
    This local celebration is part of the nationwide effort to call attention to the thousands of foster children waiting for adoption and to celebrate all the families that do adopt.

    To see pictures of the Adoption proceedings go to the Adoption link in the left hand column.