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    Legal Placement

    The Court requires Petitioner(s) be statutorily married one (1) year before the finalization of a legal placement or adoption.  

    Criteria for Legal Placements
    • Certified copy of child's birth certificate
    • Certified copy of death certificate of spouse(s) or natural parent(s)
    • Certified copies of divorce decrees of both Petitioner(s)
    • Certified marriage certificate of Petitioner(s)
    Forms Required for Legal Placement
    • Application for Placement
    • Entry Setting Date of Hearing and Ordering Notice
    • Assignment of Investigator
    • Waiver by Prospective Adopting Parent(s)
    • Affidavit 3127.23 signed by Applicant(s)
    • Judgment Entry (Approving Placement)
    Forms Required for Adoption
    • Petition for Adoption
    • Entry Setting Date of Hearing and Ordering Notice
    • Assignment of Investigator
    • Affidavit 3127.23 (signed by Petitioner(s))
    • Entry Finding Consent Not Necessary (if applicable)
    • Adoption Certificate for Parents
    • Final Decree of Adoption
    • Certificate of Adoption
    • Preliminary and Final Petitioner's Accounts
    Other Requirements
    • If the parent(s) is/are minors, the application must be submitted by them and  a next of friend 
    • If the case involves a putative father of a child born in Ohio after January 1, 1997, the Court requires a Putative Father Certification (if applicable).
    • Petitioner(s) must be available for a home interview by the assigned
      caseworker prior to the date of hearing
    • Everyone in the household 18 years of age or older must have a criminal background check.  Please contact the Court for costs.
    • All forms and requirements must be presented prior to the initiation of an adoption case
    • Affidavit of relationship/lineage
    • The Home Study will be completed by an outside agency approved by the Court.  Fees for the Home Study will be paid directly to the assessing agency by the Applicant(s)/Petitioner(s).
























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