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    Probate Court

    The Probate Court will be closing at 2:30 p.m. on December 24, 2014 Christmas Eve


    The Probate Court will be closed December 25, and December 26, 2014 for Christmas Day and Day after Christmas

    It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Montgomery County Probate Court's web site.  The probate judge is also the Clerk of the Probate Court.  To assist me in managing the court records, the deputy clerks maintain and make available to the public all of the Probate Court records.  We are dedicated to creating an easily accessible Court for the citizens of Montgomery County.

    The Probate Court possesses exclusive jurisdiction over the administration of estates and trusts, appointment of guardians for incompetents and estates of minors, adoptions, the issuance of marriage licenses, name changes, commitment of the mentally ill and various other actions.  The Court also approves settlements in wrongful death actions and minor injury claims.

    Our web site, which is updated daily, offers information on cases filed within our court.  Forms and instructions over many of the subject matter filed within our Court are provided on this website.

    The Montgomery County Probate Court is dedicated to resolving matters and disputes fairly and efficiently.

    We accomplish our mission by: 

    • Offering easy access to the court for prompt problem resolution;
    • Providing quality and innovative services to the public;
    • Ensuring efficient case management by a professional and courteous staff; and
    • Upholding the law and delivering justice in an equitable and just manner.


    Most of our records are public information.  Exceptions to this include the departments of Mental Health and Adoptions.     





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    Attention: New Probate Forms and Revised Probate Forms have been posted on the Probate Webpage.


    December 24, closing at 2:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve 

    December 25, Christmas Day

    December 26, Day After Christmas 



    Montgomery County Probate Court is proud to announce that Judge Alice O. McCollum is participating in the National Adoption Day on Thursday, November 20, 2014.
    This local celebration is part of the nationwide effort to call attention to the thousands of foster children waiting for adoption and to celebrate all the families that do adopt.

    To see pictures of the Adoption proceedings go to the Adoption link in the left hand column.