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2018 Class Dates
January 22 - February 2
February 26 - March 9
March 19 - March 30
April 16 - April 27
May 7 - May 18
June 4 - June 15
September 10 - September 21
October 15 - October 26


DSCThe Evidence Technician Course is an 80 hour course. 

Excellent teaching and student participation is guaranteed by a limited class size of 8 students per session. Officers are instructed by laboratory analysts, and are taught collection and packaging in all areas of evidence processing. A mock crime scene is used for teaching crime scene sketching and processing skills. At the end of the course, each officer is given written and practical examinations. Upon successful completion of the course, the officer becomes a Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory certified Evidence Technician.

This course is of no cost to member agencies.  Effective February 1, 2018, a fee of $1250.00 for non-member agencies is required.

Enrollment Criteria

The following criteria have been established governing admittance of students to the course:

  1. Full time Police Officer in a public agency.
  2. Minimum of 3 years full time police experience.
  3. Designated by agency head that the graduate will be utilized as the Department's Evidence Technician.
  4. No more than three officers per year from any one agency, unless space is available.

For Certification as an Evidence Technician, the student will be required to successfully demonstrate his/her proficiency in the following areas.

Attendance, Notebook and Related Assignments: 
Each student will be required to generate and maintain a notebook which will be reviewed and graded during the course. Each student will be issued a digital camera and a latent fingerprint processing kit during the term of the course. These items will be utilized for the purpose of completing specific work assignments involving a variety of situations.

  1. Mock Crime Scene: 
    Students will be required to demonstrate their proficiency by successfully processing a "controlled" crime scene. Techniques of sketching, collection and preservation of physical evidence will be used to complete this requirement.
  2. Written Examination: 
    A comprehensive examination will be given to each student on the last day of the class. The test will include material from the lectures, handout material, and practice sessions. A score of 80% or better is required to pass.                                                      

2018 Evidence Technician School Application

Further information can be obtained by contacting Greg Wright at: (937) 225-4990 or wrightg@mcohio.org