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    Crime Lab Photographers:
    Tim Duerr-Laboratory Supervisor
    Greg Wright

    Coroner Photographers:
    Laura Todd

    The Photography Section is a complete black & white/color darkroom, which is shared with Coroner's Autopsy Photographers. The photographers process film and print photographs for submitting agencies, as well as the Montgomery County Coroner's Office.  This section produces approximately 80,000 prints per year, two-thirds of which are color prints. The Photo Dept. supports the other sections in the Crime Lab by photographing "in-house" evidence, such as fingerprints, fracture matches, shoe impressions, etc.

    The Photo Dept. also utilizes digital imaging techniques for evidentiary, conference presentations, and supports publication efforts for both the Coroner's Office and Crime Lab.  Forensic Video Analysis is always in demand in the Miami Valley. The Photo Lab is equipped to meet the challenge of enhancing surveillance video to assist in identifying robbery, assault suspects.

    The Coroner's Autopsy Photographers photograph all autopsies that are performed in the Coroner's Office, 365 days a year. In a year's time, over 1300 rolls of film are processed, and more than 39,000 images are digitized, via a high speed film scanner. The images are stored in a data base for review by the pathologists and Coroner. The negatives are filed for future access when prints are requested.