• History of the MVRCL
  • Forensic Science Internship
  • Evidence Technician Training
  • Chemistry
  • Fingerprints
  • Firearms & Tool Marks
  • Photography
  • Serology/DNA
  • Trace Evidence
  • Coroner's Office



    Tim Duerr-Laboratory Supervisor

    Brooke Ehlers
    -Technical Leader
    Gary Shaffer
    Jennifer Watson
    Todd Yoak

    The Chemistry Section uses the latest analytical instrumentation to analyze narcotics, blood and urine from DUI offenders, fire scene debris, and suspected bomb debris. Blood and urine Chemist working at benchsamples are analyzed for the presence and amount of ethanol or drugs. In suspected arson cases, instrumentation can detect the presence of accelerants in fire scene debris.

    Additional determinations include accelerants,  poisons and other toxic substances.


    Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory recognized as being in the top 25 for Forensic Internships.