• Case Activity

    Case Activity

    The Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, Juvenile Division, is charged with the responsibility of handling cases regarding delinquent and unruly children as well as those youth charged with traffic violations. The Court must also make judicial determinations relating to dependent, neglected and abused children.

    In 2004, the Juvenile Court received 20,681 referrals on juveniles.  The breakdown is as follows:

    • 8,664 Delinquency
    • 4,799 Unruly
    • 4,732 Traffic
    • 855 Abuse, Dependency and Neglect
    • 253 Tobacco
    • 1,378 Other Miscellaneous Referrals

    The Court also has jurisdiction over certain civil complaints and motions on adults.  This authority includes determining parentage of and establishment, modification, enforcement and termination of support for a child.  This also includes the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), which pertains to out-of-state support collections. In 2004, the Court received 1,131 Parentage, 2,203 Support and 93 UIFSA complaints and motions.

    Lastly, the Court oversees misdemeanor complaints involving adults in offenses against a juvenile or with a juvenile.  These cases can include incest, physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, contributing to unruliness or delinquency, failure to send to school, and contributing to the neglect of a child, etc.  The Court received 345 such referrals in 2004.