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    Posted Bridges

    Montgomery County

    Posted Bridges

    Updated 12/19/13 

    Route Bridge Number Posting
    Broadway St over Wolf Creek in Trotwood TRT125-03.47 15 ton limit
    Jamica Road over Stream MIA-C0041-00.59 20 ton limit
    Mile Road over Little Bear Creek JEF-T0140-01.61 20 ton limit
    Hemple Road over Little Twin Creek JAC-C046-01.24 19 ton limit

    Infirmary Road over Opossum Creek


    2F1-6 ton limit

    3F1-9 ton limit

    4F1-10 ton limit

    5C1-15 ton limit


    Replacement of the Third Street Bridge over the Great Miami River
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    GIS Maps Now Available
    Land Records, Geodetic Control, and Contour Maps. 
    Special Haul Permit Information Now Available
    Information and Application is now more accessible. 
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