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2017 Press Releases:

4/26/2017 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Republic Drive Homicide (Keyandre Danley)
4/25/2017 - Dayton Man's Conviction Stands - United States Supreme Court Rejects Defendant's Appeal (Terry Lee Martin)
4/25/2017 - Woman Indicted for Fatal Fire (Michelle Schubert)
4/21/2017 - Two Dayton Teens Indicted for Murder, Robberies (Klone Snowden & Ryshon Steele)
4/21/2017 - Dayton Pastor and Wife Found Guilty in Death of Foster Child (Torace & Shureka Weaver)
4/11/2017 - Englewood Man Sentenced for Child's Injuries (Andrew Nason)
4/11/2017 - Pair Guilty of Obstructing Justice (Keith and Krista Hankins)
4/11/2017 - Dayton Woman Sentenced for Fatal Shooting (Nina Davis)
4/7/2017 - Miamisburg Man Found Guilty for Brutal Beating of Woman (Aaron Miller)
4/7/2017 - Three Indicted for Fatal Shooting of Babysitter (Evans Cassell, Chuckie Lee, and Kara Parisi-King)
4/7/2017 - Dayton Man Indicted in Murder of 14 Year Old (Jalyn Simmons)
4/5/2017 - Prosecutor Recognizes April as Child Abuse Awareness Month
3/28/2017 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Death of Germantown Toddler (Jesse York)
3/23/2017 - Defendant Sentenced and Designated a Tier III Sex Offender (David Mattox)
3/23/2017 - Pair Indicted for Obstructing Justice (Keith & Krista Hankins)
3/23/2017 - Second Defendant Indicted for Brittany Russell Homicide (Brandon Carr)
3/23/2017 - Dayton Woman Found Guilty in Fatal Shooting (Nina Davis)
3/22/2017 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict
3/21/2017 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict 
3/16/2017 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Leland Avenue Murder (Waymon Jones, Jr.)
3/15/2017 - Charges Approved in Fatal Shooting of Babysitter (Chuckie Lee & Kara Parisi-King)
3/10/2017 - Muhammad Ali Indicted in Triple Homicide (Muhammad Shabazz Ali)
3/9/2017 - Trotwood Man Indicted for Murder (Deron Martin)
3/3/2017 - Butler Township Man Indicted for Gun Thefts/B&E (David Bowman)
3/3/2017 - Dayton Man Indicted in Harrison Township Murder (Deandre Dixon)
3/2/2017 - Dayton Man Indicted in Harrison Township Shooting (Shaun D. Hill)
3/1/2017 - Sex Offender Ruled Sexually Violent Predator (Robert Maranger)
2/28/2017 - Statement on David Bruns Sentencing
2/27/2017 - Mr. Michael Allen Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
2/17/2017 - Tennessee Man Sentenced for Brookville Shooting (Conrad Davis)
2/13/2017 - Trotwood Man Indicted for Fatally Shooting Girlfriend (Tyrell Erby)
2/13/2017 - Dayton Man Indicted in Basswood Avenue Homicide (Mark Shoecraft, Jr.)
2/10/2017 - Kettering Man Indicted for Knife Attacks (Michael D'Amico)
2/10/2017 - Mr. Robert F. Nemeth, III Promoted to Diversion Officer
2/9/2017 - Judge Rules Teen in Carjacking to be Tried as Adult (Daron Bell)
2/1/2017 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Causing Death of 6 Week Old (Sharon Hancock)
2/1/2017 - Dayton Man Sentenced for Fatal Shooting (George Dewberry, Sr.)
1/31/2017 - Former Kettering Police Detective Sentenced (Ryan Meno)
1/30/2017 - Three Indicted for Harrison Township Home Invasion (Jaron Hayes, Daviana North & Randall Williams)
1/23/2017 - Grand Jury Votes Not to Indict
1/19/2017 - Dayton Man Found Guilty of Causing Death of 6 Week Old (Sharon Hancock)
1/17/2017 - Trotwood Woman Sentenced for Crash that Killed Two (Kiara Scales)
1/17/2017 - Former UD Coach Sentenced (Paul Ivkovich)
1/13/2017 - Dayton Man Indicted in November Homicide (Bryson Williams)
1/6/2017 - Tennessee Man Guilty of Shooting at Police and Responsible for Death of Girlfriend (Conrad Davis)
1/6/2017 - Mr. Bryan R. Moore Appointed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
1/3/2017 - Prosecutor Heck Sworn In for Seventh Term

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