Child Protection Unit

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The Child Protection Unit represents the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services Children Services Division on cases of child abuse, neglect and dependency. The goal of the Unit is to help ensure the safety and well-being of Montgomery County’s children through the prosecution of complaints requesting Protective Supervision, Temporary Custody, Legal Custody, Planned Permanent Living Arrangement and Permanent Custody. Whenever law enforcement removes a child from a dangerous environment, the Child Protection Unit becomes involved. In 2007, the Child Protection Unit helped protect Montgomery County’s children by filing over 1,500 motions and complaints in Juvenile Court.

The Unit has eight attorneys and six support staff. These attorneys attend 2,400 hearings each year and also provide training to social workers, other attorneys, and guardian ad litem regarding changes in the child protection laws, and the rights of parents and children.

Phone: (937) 276-6580

Michelle Grodner
Michelle Grodner, Supervising Attorney

John Amarante
Virginia Platt-Gehres 
Katrina Merkle 
Zachary Kling 
Jacob Mosher 
Brandon Myers 
Melissa Zawadzki

Secretaries/Support Staff:
Diane Williams
Jessica Schaeffer
Kaylyn Drodge