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                      W. Pat Timmons
                Director of Operations

    5625 Little Richmond Road
            Dayton, OH 45426
         Phone: (937) 837-2528
           Fax: (937) 854-3413
  E-mail: timmonsp@mcohio.org

                                      Hours of Operation:
                      Winter: 7am -3:30pm, Monday - Friday
                   Summer: 6:30am - 5pm, Monday-Thursday

Responsibilities of the Montgomery County Operations Engineer

The primary function of the Operations Division is to maintain the 320 miles of roads and 541 bridges that are in the jurisdiction of the County Engineer. This  includes:

  1.  Snow and ice control during the winter months.
  2.  Maintenance and replacement of traffic control devices including signs and pavement striping on county roads, including high water signs and detour signs when necessary.
  3.  Maintenance of over 2000 culverts including replacement when necessary.
  4.  Roadway maintenance including annual paving programs, patching and dead animal removal.
  5.  Street cleaning.
  6.  Vegetation control along county road rights-of-way.
  7.  Bridge replacement.
  8.  Maintenance of County Engineer vehicles and equipment.