Human Services Levy Council
STATUTE:  Montgomery County Resolution #83-87, dated January 11, 1983

FUNCTION: Plan future levies and recommends service priorities and levy allocations to the Board of County Commissioners

MEETINGS:  Second Monday of each month, 8:15 AM

Tom Kelley, Director
451 W Third St
Dayton, OH 45422

TERM LENGTH: Varies one to five years, staggered

COMPOSITION: Local government representatives, selected from candidates offered by the Mayors and Managers Association and Township Trustees Association; United Way representative selected from candidates offered by the United Way Board; representative from the City of Dayton; Board Chairpersons, or their designees, selected from candidates offered by Human Services agencies; representatives selected by the Board of County Commissioners, from candidates offered by community, business and religious organizations; and the County Administrator as a non-voting member.
Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Colbert, Michael   Term of Office/Position   4
  Ioas, Patricia   01/31/2019   2
  Vacant,   12/31/2017  
  Vacant,   01/31/2016  
  Holler, Gregory   12/31/2020  
  Seagraves, Dave   01/31/2020   2
  Compton, Doug   12/31/2020   1
  Vacant,   01/31/2018  
  Edwards, Nicholas   03/01/2019   2
  Ringel, Stephen   01/31/2019   1
  Vacant,   05/31/2017  
  Linesch, William   12/31/2020   1
  Mims, Jr., Jeffrey   02/28/2020   2
  Sims, J. Michael   12/31/2019   1
  Vacant,   01/31/2015  
  Vacant,   01/31/2017  
  Cook, Judy   06/30/2019   1
  Broner, Eloise   01/31/2019   2
* For purposes of this database, current expiration dates are updated for county commission appointees only