District 4 Public Works Integrating Committee
STATUTE:  Ohio Revised Code 164.04
* For more information on the Ohio Revised Code visit

FUNCTION: Recommends Infrastructure Projects for funding by the Ohio Public Works Commission from Bond Funds for State Capital Improvement Program and from Gas Tax for Local Transportation Improvement

MEETINGS:  Fourth Wednesday of each month, as needed (Minimum quarterly)

Stacy Vallance, Liaison
451 W Third St. 8th Floor
Dayton, OH 45422

TERM LENGTH: Three years

COMPOSITION: Nine members - two from County, two from largest city, two from the other municipalities collectively, two from the townships collectively and one from the private sector selected by the other eight members of the committee with knowledge in public works activities
Name * Expiration Date Terms
  Papenek, Andy   05/31/2018   1
  Stanifer, Sheila   05/31/2018   1
  Smith, Eric   05/31/2018   9
  Lieberman, Deborah A.   05/31/2021   4
  Gruner, Paul   05/31/2021   4
  Shannon, Diane   05/31/2018   5
  Finke, Steve   05/31/2018   5
  Michael, Eddy   05/31/2018   2
  Hicks, David   05/31/2018   2
* For purposes of this database, current expiration dates are updated for county commission appointees only