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Report Bad Gas Form

Now Montgomery County residents can click on the complaint form above to inform the Auditor's office of problems they have with poor quality gasoline. Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith is asking residents who believe they have received bad gasoline to contact his office in an effort to demonstrate to Ohio Legislators a need for fuel quality.  The gas complaints will be documented and sent to Miami Valley legislators to illustrate a need for fuel quality testing.

Ohio is one of only four states without the regulatory authority to test fuel quality, yet is fourth in the consumption of petroleum products.  State quality assurance programs typically test for such things as octane levels and the amount of water and sediments in fuels.

"County Auditor's across the state have been telling legislators this is an important consumer protection issue," Keith said.  "Now we need gasoline consumers to help us demonstrate the need for a fuel quality testing program in Ohio."

As Auditor, Keith directs the county's weights and measures inspectors.  The staff currently makes regular inspections of service stations to ensure pumps accurately measure the quantity of gasoline being dispensed but do not check the quality.