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auditor logoWhen becoming County Auditor, Karl Keith wanted a new logo that would tie together all of the office's various duties and responsibilities.  To do this, he chose three symbols - scales in balance, a personal computer, and a home. 
The scales could be interpreted to represent the Auditor's role as sealer of weights and measures, the computer as his responsibilities as chief fiscal officer or data processing administrator, and the home his duties as chief assessor.  However, his intent is that these symbols represent more than a specific department or function.  Instead they are intended to represent what we value as an office.

The scales symbolize integrity.  Serving in public office is a public trust, and that trust demands respect.  We are expected to be fair and honest in the performance of our duties throughout the entire office.  Our goal is to treat all of our customers both internal and external fairly and impartially, to be open and honest in everything that we do.

The computer symbolizes innovation.  Technology has become a major part of the way we conduct our business.  Advances in technology are constantly forcing us to change.  We strive to use the latest technology to find new and improved ways to do our jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The home symbolizes the community we serve.  The services we provide and the services we support contribute to the overall well being of Montgomery County and its residents.  We recognize and appreciate the importance of our role.  Our desire is to do our part to make this community a better place to live.

The three symbols in the logo are laid over a triangle, equal on all three sides.  The auditor's office is an equal part of county government, working in harmony with other county offices and departments to serve the public.  Similarly, all of the functions performed in each of our departments are equal in importance and are a significant part of the whole.

Integrity, innovation and service - these are the values symbolized by the auditor's office logo.  They are the values that drive everything we do.  Ultimately, they are the values by which we will be judged.