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Keith announces launch of Montgomery County online checkbook
Citizens can search county spending information online at

Karl at Ohio Checkbook Press Conference  

Auditor Karl Keith was joined by Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel (center) and Ohio House Minority Leader Fred Strahorn (left) at the announcement

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Date:  August 17, 2016      
Contact: Mike Brill

Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith and Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel today announced the launch of Montgomery County’s website, which creates transparency and accountability by putting all of the county’s expenditures online.

Montgomery County is the largest checkbook on the website, with more than $7.8 billion in expenses.  That is nearly $3 billion more than any other local government entity currently on

There are more than 1 million transactions spanning back to 2010 on Montgomery County’s online checkbook, which equates to more than 20,000 checks issued by the Montgomery County Auditor’s office a month.

Montgomery County is one of the only counties to include agency distribution data on the website, according to Keith.  The agency distribution data shows visitors the amount of tax money that is distributed to government entities by the Auditor’s Office.  After the county treasurer collects taxes on behalf of those government entities, the county auditor gives out the appropriate amount of those taxes to each entity.  

Keith’s office distributes nearly $650 million in those tax settlements a year.

“One of the largest responsibilities of county government is to collect and distribute taxes to cities, villages, townships and school districts, so I wanted to be fully transparent in that process,” said Keith. “Taxpayers can see on the website exactly how much tax money is sent to the city or township they live in.” was launched by the State Treasurer’s office in December 2014.  The website provides searchable public spending records on a centralized database open for inspection to the public on the internet, and it recently earned Ohio the number one ranking in the country for government transparency.

“My staff and I take pride in serving the public in the most open and transparent ways possible,” said Keith.  “This partnership will continue our ongoing commitment of using new innovations and technology to make government more accessible and accountable.”

Keith is dedicated to using technological innovations to make government information more easily available to taxpayers.  Keith created the first county real estate mobile application in the nation in 2014 to provide roaming access to the Auditor Office’s real estate database.

The Montgomery County Auditor’s Office has received numerous awards for its detailed accounting and thorough financial reporting work under Keith’s leadership.  Montgomery County has received the Government Finance Officers Association Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting the past twenty years.  Montgomery County has also received the Auditor of State’s award for excellence in financial reporting.

Individuals interested in searching Montgomery County’s financial records can visit