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Inspectors checking gas pumps in Huber Heights

Date: December 21, 2015
Contact: Matt Cox

Weights and measures inspectors from the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office are checking gas pumps in Huber Heights this week after getting notice of possible credit card skimming devices being discovered in the area.

County Auditor Karl Keith said his inspectors were sent to check stations in Huber Heights after two incidents involving possible skimmers were reported over the weekend.

In one case, a suspicious device was found on the ground by a gas pump at a Speedway in Huber Heights and is under investigation. Keith said it is unclear at this point if the device is in fact a skimmer.

The other incident involved a consumer report that the security seals had been tampered with on gas pumps at the Clark Station in Huber Heights. According to Keith, inspectors checked all pumps there and found everything to be in order.

“Over the past month and a half, a number of credit card skimmers have been discovered on gas pumps in southwest Ohio,” Keith said. “It’s great that consumers are starting to be more alert and are reporting anything that seems suspicious.”

Auditor Keith credits his staff with helping build public awareness regarding gas pump skimmers and urges consumers to continue to be mindful and cautionary when completing a transaction at the pump.

Keith said that in order for customers to protect their identity, debit cards should never be used for fear of PIN numbers being stolen. He indicated that monthly bank and credit card statements should be reviewed for any fraudulent charges.

Consumers are urged to contact their local law enforcement if they observe any activity that appears to be out of the ordinary.