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Auditor Keith Honors Huber Heights, Butler Twp., Riverside Police Dogs

Karl Group Photo with Riverside  Huber Heights and Butler Twp Officers and Ks

 Group photo with (L-R) Auditor Keith, Butler Twp. Officer Amy Harlow and K-9 Zorro, Riverside Officer Matt Jackson and K-9 Tina, Huber Heights Officer Cory Siegrist and K-9 Eddie, and Huber Heights Officer Mike Reckner and K-9 Adu.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                  
Date:  January 18, 2017    
Contact: Mike Brill

Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith presented two Huber Heights K-9s, one Butler Twp. K-9 and one Riverside K-9 with their 2017 dog licenses on Tuesday to honor the service the dogs and their handlers provide their communities.

Keith provides dog licenses for free to dogs in police service, like Adu and Eddie of the Huber Heights Police Department, Zorro of the Butler Twp. Police Department and Tina of the Riverside Police Department. There are nearly 20 total police dogs in Montgomery County serving in 10 police departments.

These dogs are a great asset to the police departments they serve in. Police dogs are highly trained and are known for the strong bond they share with their handler, whom they live with while off duty.

“I wanted to honor the important work these K-9 officers and their handlers do to keep our communities safe,” said Keith.

Dog licenses are on sale from December 1, 2016 through January 31, 2017. For dogs that do not work with the police, the license fee is $20 for spayed or neutered dogs and $24 for dogs that have not been altered, although there are some exceptions. Dog licenses must be renewed annually, unless the owner has a three-year or permanent license, which can only be purchased in-person from the Auditor’s Office.

Dog licenses help reunite owners with their pet if it goes missing, because they can be used as a quick and accurate way of notifying the owner if a dog is found. The Animal Resource Center helped return more than 1200 lost dogs to their owners in 2016 thanks to the use of dog licenses. In addition to the licenses being a useful identification tool, it is also Ohio law that all dogs older than three months of age must be licensed.

“Please renew your dog’s license today to help your loyal friend get back home if they get lost,” said Keith. “It is very easy to apply for a license. More and more, dog owners are buying their licenses online, from the comfort of their own home.”

Licenses can be purchased in five ways:

  • Online at
  • By mailing-in an application which can be downloaded at 
  • At the Auditor’s Office in the County Administration Building at 451 W. Third St. in Dayton
  • At the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center at 6790 Webster St. in Dayton
  • At nearly 30 stores and other outlets throughout the county

In 2016, more than 65,000 dog licenses were sold. Proceeds from license sales go to the Animal Resource Center to help care for stray and lost animals until they can be adopted into a caring home. Dog owners can get a bone or heart-shaped tag by providing a small donation to the Animal Resource Center, to further help them care to animals in need.

Montgomery County residents can call 937-225-4314 or visit for more information on dog licensing.