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    Public Legal Specialist Pro Se

    The Public Legal Specialist reviews all documents prepared by unrepresented (pro-se)parties prior to filing. Duties of the specialist include the review of documents, reply to questions, answering telephone calls, preparation of correspondence, instruction packets and other miscellaneous documents. The specialist keeps informed of changes in state law or local rules affecting documents filed in Domestic Relations Court.   The department staff cannot give individual legal advice. The department is limited by law to provide only general procedural information. When in doubt about a legal issue, it is essential that individuals consult a private attorney. There is no substitute for the legal advice provided by an attorney representing you.
    Instruction Packets
    The following is an index of instruction packets this court provides to those parties wishing to file their own pleadings with the court. Once you have completed all of the required documents, please submit them to the Public Legal Specialist.  Do not submit your filing fee with your documents.

    If revisions are required, the Public Legal Specialist will mail your documents back to you along with a letter indicating what changes you need to make to your documents before they can be filed with the Clerk of Courts.

    Once your documents are approved for filing, the Public Legal Specialist will contact you by telephone. You may then come into the office to pick up your documents and submit them to the Clerk of Courts for filing along with your filing fee. Please make sure you include your name, address and telephone number on all submissions.


    If you have further questions or need additional information, please contact: 


    Public Legal Specialist Pro-se


    Phone: (937) 224-3634
          Fax: (937) 225-4996