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    Public Legal Specialist Domestic Violence

    The Public Coordinator assists unrepresented (pro-se) parties  filing for a Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order (DVCPO), by providing and reviewing the Petition for a DVCPO.   The Public Coordinator then informs the Petitioner of the date and time for the full Hearing on the Petition.  Both the Petitioner and the Respondent (the individual alleged to have committed the act of domestic violence) are ordered to appear at the full hearing.  Failure of Petitioner to appear at the full hearing may result in dismissal of the Petition.  Failure of the Respondent to appear at the full hearing, after notice of the hearing has been served, may result in a default judgment granting the Petition.  Both parties are strongly encouraged to seek legal counsel of their choosing.    After the initial Ex Parte hearing is completed, the public legal specialist directs the petitioner to the Clerk of Courts to file the petition if it has been granted.

    The public legal specialist maintains the court's filing system for the LEADS sheets. Other duties include working closely with the Clerk of Court's Office and all local police departments to maintain the domestic violence filings.  
    Instruction Packets

    Instruction packets are provided to those parties wishing to file their own Petition for a Domestic Violence Protection Order with the court.  Once you have completed all of the required documents, please submit them to the Domestic Violence Public Coordinator in the court for review. 

    Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order With Children
         Instructions and Required Documents

    Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order No Children
          Instructions and Required Documents

    The nature of the relationship of the parties and the grounds for an award of a civil protection order are found in the Ohio Revised Code Section 3113.31.


    Public Coordinator - Domestic Violence
    Phone: (937) 496-6859
    Fax:  (937)  225-4996